After spending seven years on-air in radio in Salt Lake City, Utah, Damon Burton founded a successful search engine optimization agency, SEO National. Since starting the business in 2007 Damon has grown his agency to 7-digits.

Damon is a frequent public speaker and has been featured on BuzzFeed and USA Weekly. He clients includes an NBA team and businesses featured on Shark Tank. In 2018 Damon joined the Podcast world with his show called Learning From Others.

In this episode we had a candid conversation about the process he used to start his business – it began as a side hustle – how he knew it was time to go all in, the challenges he faced and the key breakthrough that allowed him to scale his business.

Damon also shared his views on work/life balance, the role parents play in preparing their children for the workforce of tomorrow, and teased us with news of an upcoming book which he plans to call “Ways To Rank.” He assures me a non-techy like me won’t fall asleep reading about SEO optimization!

Damon is a smart successful entrepreneur and shares some great wisdom and advice in this episode.

You can reach Damon at:

Website (s): www.Seonational.com www.Damonburton.com www.Waystorank.com


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/damonburton/

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