“I’ve always been one of those kids that didn’t fit in the box.”

No one will mistake Eugenia for a kid anymore, even if she did begin her adult career at the age of 13. Eugenia grew up in Russia at a time where food lines were the norm, history books were changing, and a lot of things didn’t add up. From an early age she questioned a lot of her teachers and started looking for truth, meaning, and a voice.

And then came modeling. Eugenia says it’s not something you can pursue, just the look you have and the Russian designer Slava Zaitzev thought she had a look for his brand and a few others. She was 13 years old.

At age 15 she became a true supermodel with contracts for Dior, L’Oreal, and Hermes. In her words she would wake up in planes from the Amazon Jungle to Shanghai, to the Sahara to New York”. Then at 23 Eugenis gave it all up to have a baby with a man she fell in love with.

Today Eugenia is a mother of 3, a Stand Up Comedian, and an actress. We had a honest discussion around the role that parenting played in helping her navigate an adult world at a young age. She acknowledges that she was offered shortcuts in return for doing certain things, but she always checked if it felt right and declined. She also offered her perspective as a mother of two sons. I didn’t mention it in the show but Eugenia is also the wife of the man who replaced Harvey Weinstein at Miramax.

The conversation hit on issues of stereotyping and had a laugh about her recent social media post titled “Blondes can read to.” Eugenia continues to defy efforts to have her fit in a box. As a stand up comedian she was strongly advised to dress down. She checked in with herself and that didn’t feel right. So fans of her upcoming comedy tour, Nobody’s Funny, can expect to see her glammed up.

This episode is all about the importance of creating a moral foundation for our children, finding the courage to defy conventional wisdom, and living a genuine life…a.k.a. Screw the Naysayers

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