Ryan French is a technical sales leader for a Fortune 200 company (in automotive) and, to use his words, has been trying out his technical selling skills on some very fortunate customers for over a decade. Ryan’s entrepreneurial career began at the age of 17 when he started a wedding photography business that he used to pay his way through Detroit’s premier engineering school, fulfilling a promise to his parents that he’d get the degree.

Affectionately known as Ryan from Detroit, he is also a top LinkedIn video creator, and is quickly being recognized as a go-to source for sales tips and advice.

In this episode, Ryan talks about the importance of his faith, dispels a number of common myths about selling, and offers practical advice for entrepreneurs that are thinking about hiring a “rock star” sales rep to increase revenues.

You can reach Ryan at https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryanfromdetroit/

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