Gian Marco is the president of CASCO Safety Group (Central America Safety Company), Central America’s leading distributor of specialized industrial safety and rescue equipment. He is the president of Café Las Flores, Nicaragua’s finest coffee company and leading integrated specialty coffee brand from plantation to retail.  

He is also the author of LEGACY: How Leaders Transcend the Past, Balance the Present and Serve for Generations.

Gian Marco spoke to me from his home in Nicaragua, a tiny nation that has seen its fair share of troubles. Educated in the United States, Gian Marco returned to Nicaragua in 1998 and was part of the first generation that brought consciousness to young entrepreneurs in his country. It was like starting from scratch, rebuilding an economy that was completely destroyed during a Civil War in the 1980’s.

After years of rebirth, his beloved country is once again facing major challenges. The country is in the midst of a heavy economic crisis that saw a 19% drop in gdp in just 20 months. The economic crisis has been accompanied by political and human rights violations and atrocities. In his words, this crisis will have huge ramifications for now and for generations to come.

In this honest and griping interview Gian Marco talks about the challenges he faces as a business owner who is primarily focused on keeping the doors open and people employed. He has the income and wealth to leave. For now he stays. He uses the power of his story to talk about the importance of legacy. It’s a powerful message.

You can contact Gian Marco at:

Website: https://www.gmpalazio.com/  

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