Christopher Plowman is the CEO of Insight Timer, an online meditation app that is shaking up an industry that some would say is more driven by money than it is by consciousness. Easy to grab free trials that quickly convert to paid subscriptions with stealth auto renewal options is the industry norm. Christopher and his team at Insight Timer have taken a different path. Their free app gives the user access to 15,000 free meditation sessions. The paid version provides access to an online community. The optin free trial for the paid version includes two reminders to ensure that people are making a conscious choice. These differences explain why Insight Timer, with 7 million global users (tiny when compared to the industry giants in this space) account for 63% of the time spent listening to online meditation in North America! Think about that. Put simply, people that download this free app use it and use it a lot.

Full disclosure. After my interview with Christopher I cancelled my paid subscription with a competitor and started using Insight Timer. I love it!

I also love Christophers vision. The challenge for Insight Timer is simple. How do you build a profitable company when you’re committed to a free product which costs millions of dollars a year to run? The company is competing against big players with large marketing budgets. Insight Timer splits their revenues with 3,000 teachers who contribute online meditation sessions. The rest is used for administration. And the truth is, that is still not enough. To make this work Insight Timer needs to grow from 7 million meditators to 50 million.

This episode provides a fascinating insight into the development of a tech based business that seeks to be commercially viable while ensuring that online meditation is available to everyone in the world, regardless of their ability to pay. Christopher is a rare human being and this is a special interview.

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