This is another first for Screw the Naysayers. In 2006 today’s guest had a movie made about his life story. It was called INVINCIBLE and starred Mark Wahlberg in the role of Vince Papale. How cool is that.

Invincible packed theatres and is widely regarded as one of the most inspirational sports movies of all time.

It was 1976 Vince was a 30 year old teacher and coach at his HS Alma mater, part-time bartender and die hard Eagles fan. His life changed when he decided to act on a whim and a dare and entered the unprecedented public tryouts for his beloved Eagles.  A ten year season ticket holder and former track star who did not play a down of college football, Vince made the team!

Having now added “cancer survivor” to his bio, Vince continues to hold the record for being the oldest rookie in the National Football League (kickers excluded). He was recently honored by the Eagles and their fans and was named “Most Outstanding Special Teams Player” during a celebration of the Philadelphia Eagles 75th anniversary.

Vince is married to former US World Team Gymnast, Janet Cantwell, and they reside in Cherry Hill, NJ, with their two children Gabriella and Vincent. In this episode Vince tells us what it was like seeing his life being told on the big screen, offers insights from his upcoming book, and will melt your heart when he tells you why he wishes he was born ten years earlier. Bring a kleenex for a happy cry.

Vince Papale is the real deal folks. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I did speaking to Vince.

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