After leaving the military Eric “Doc” Wright wandered around in the job desert for 12 years. He chased degrees, certifications, and titles, amassing handfuls of each, piles of student debt, but always hearing he had the wrong ones, or not enough experience, to do what he wanted; to do what he knew he was capable of from reviewing the job descriptions!

Then he figured it out! He wasn’t framing what he had done and what he was capable of doing in the new context of what he could do for a civilian employer he entered the world of project management.

Eric quickly realized that his new career provided much more than a paycheck.  It provided what he had really been missing to his very core; a sense of purpose and identity.

In 2014 Eric co-founded Vets2PM, a company that helps Military Veterans become civilian Project Managers. In 2017 Eric founded Vet Stone (an intentional play on the Rosetta Stone).  Vet Stone provides Veterans with a modern, relevant, technology-based tool to capture and convey the immense value of their obscure, informal secondary military occupation experience.

This is an honest open discussion about the challenges Veterans face in transitioning to the civilian workforce and also a fascinating glimpse into a tech startup that is still in its inception.

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