Jennifer A. Garrett is an author, entrepreneur, and a Judge Advocate in the Army National Guard. Along the way, she has earned an astonishing 7 College degrees. Pretty amazing, especially knowing that as a teenager Jennifer became a single mom.

Her corporate career includes senior leadership positions with Fortune 50 companies.

Jennifer’s Book is titled Move the Ball: How the Game of American Football Can Help You Achieve Your LifeGoals. How cool is that guys. She came up with the idea for her book while watching her beloved Chicago Bears lose to the hated Green Bay Packers.  

Today Jennifer, together with her organization, Feel the Push, provides lessons on how to play for success and how to step up the game in order to drive results and cross the goal line. She does this through a variety of methods, including using principles from the game of American football. Her organization also works with collegiate and professional athletes and veterans as they transition into new careers.

In this episode, Jennifer drops great tips on getting the things you want in life. She also shared her views on public education and the concept that the only path to success lies through a 4-year college program. Her answers may surprise you.

This is a high energy, fun, and thought-provoking discussion.

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