Anna Sabino is a personal branding/business building strategist, a career coach, an author, and host of Anna Talks, a daily video show.

Those of us that know Anna on LinkedIn have grown accustomed to seeing her smiling face on video each and every day. When I noticed that Anna Talks was coming up on its one year anniversary, I thought it would be cool to honour her work on Screw the Naysayers. That’s the cool thing about being a podcast host. I get to do things like that.

Anna’s story is fascinating on so many levels. Born in Poland, Anna set her sights on the Big Apple with dreams of working on Wall Street. Her lofty goal attracted many naysayers, but that didn’t phase Anna. Her first stop was France where she went to University, and then she made the leap across the pond. Anna didn’t know any better and started applying for jobs online. Much to her surprise her approach worked.

Then came the big let down. Her dream life didn’t live up to her big expectations. A restlessness started to stir in Anna, in many ways driven by her  desire to control her own schedule. So she did the unthinkable, left her Wall Street career, and started her own business.

In this episode, Anna talks about her journey, explains how she made the transition from employment to location independent entrepreneur. She also share valuable tips on client attraction strategies, and even shares her strategies for getting spots on popular podcasts! Enjoy.

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