René Micheleequips and empows female survivors of child sex abuse and trauma with the keys to overcoming their past, and thrive in every area of their life. Transformational strategies include smashing limiting beliefs, rebuilding Identity, restructuring mindsets, and reframing experiences.

Renéspeaks and teaches from a place of deep understanding after experiencing 25 years of sexual, physical and psychological abuse beginning when she was ten years old.

For me the thing that stood out when I spoke with René was her strong, confident demeanor. In this episode René talks about:

  • Growing up with an alcoholic mother who made a series of bad choices in partners
  • Being a drug-addicted, broken and hopeless
  • The strategies that enabled her to transform into a woman of determination and purpose, motivated to succeed and rise above the events that nearly took her life
  • Her new book which is titled “Battle Scars are Beautiful, from Victim to Victory.”
  • How she learned to ignore the Naysayers that constantly said things like “that won’t work Rene.”
  • Working with women survivours of childhood sexual abuse and helping them enjoy a great sexual experience with their partners (in her words to stop faking it).
  • Why she never wants to be known as a survivour
  • Why parents need to be having age appropriate conversations with their children beginning at a very early age

René joins a growing list of strong powerful women who are proving that where you start does not have to determine where you end. Enjoy.

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Please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I’d love to hear your thoughts, comments, and stories, or just make a connection.

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