Marc Champagne is the co-founder of KYŌ ((kee-oh) meaning “today” in Japanese.

KYŌ is an app that fuel people’s daily reflection through questions from some of the most inspiring figures in the world. This was a fascinating conversation that touches on three of the big topics we speak often about on Screw the Naysayers.

We went deep on the importance of being mindful and living in the present. We talked about Marc’s transition from the world of corporate employee with a steady paycheck to co-founder of a tech company (his mother supports him but still doesn’t understand). And we dug into the realities of starting a new business. In Marc’s eyes there are three big phases in the life of a Tech Startup. The honeymoon period, which lasted about six months for Marc, was followed by the “messy middle.” That’s where Marc is now. He’s three years into the process and expects this to be reality for another 1-2 years. When people ask “how’s business,” Marc replies “it’s good. We’re building.” The last stage is where you grow big or fail.

KYŌ is definitely a long term play, but it is starting to show great promise with more than 68,000,000 users. Unlike other Meditation Based Apps, KYŌ uses simple but powerful questions to get you to focus on the here and now, or as Marc said, to kick us out of autopilot. The average user spends between 3-7 minutes, including time spent journaling your answer. This makes it an ideal tool to fit into a busy lifestyle.

For me this discussion was educational and informative.  Enjoy…

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