Flossie Hall can best be described as an accidental, honest, socially conscious, kick-ass entrepreneur.

This active military spouse started a healthy meal prep business in her kitchen and scaled it to 7-figures within the first year and sold the business in just a little over 3 years. In that short period of time Flossie and her team provided more than 500,000 healthy meals, created over 100 Military Spouse jobs representing more than $430,000 in payroll, and donated over 10k meals to homeless Veterans.

In 2018, Flossie received the San Diego Business Journal Military Spouse-owned Business of the Year award for Healthy Momma. Flossie is known for her advocacy work on behalf of military spouses and she brings this passion and her entrepreneurial experience to bear as she leads The Rosie Network’s national Rosie Chapter initiative. She is a sought-after speaker and has appeared across local and national venues such as Fox News, NBC, CBS and PBS. Flossie is also the co-founder of Association of Military Spouse Entrepreneurs (AMSE), and a mother of four.

In this episode Flossie:

  • Talked about the challenges military spouses face when it comes to finding employment
  • Tells us about the time she was let go for being unreliable (missing time to deal issues with her kids) even though she was the top sales performer
  • Explains how preparing meals in her house for a few families became a 7-digit business in less than one year
  • Candidly admits that she didn’t know what she was doing
  • Explains how she set about learning what she needed to know
  • Calls out Corporate employment programs for military spouses which don’t take into account the challenges faced by military spouses
  • Talks about the impact that financial stress has on a family and spousal relationships
  • Explains how she’s managed to embrace chaos
  • And admits that she’s looking forward to her husband hitting the 20 year mark in the Navy (hint: she says then it will be her turn)

Flossie is transparent, humble, smart, and informative. Enjoy.

You can contact Flossie at:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/flossiehall/
Website: http://therosienetwork.org/

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