Zack Friedman is the Founder & CEO of Make Lemonade, a highly successful entrepreneur, and the author of THE LEMONADE LIFE, which is published by HarperCollins.

Zac appears regularly on television and radio, including for CNN, MSNBC, NPR and ABC. CNN has called him “the guy for the case.”

Zack has inspired millions through his powerful insights, including more than 17 million who have read his advice in Forbes. His work also has appeared or been referenced in numerous other publications including Business Insider, CNBC, Yahoo Finance, NBC News, MarketWatch, U.S. News & World Report, MSN, Entrepreneur, Inc, Fast Company, Politico, New York Magazine and others.

This conversation was so much fun and filled with practical advice for anyone that wants to live the life they want. Zack:

  • Shares his views on Naysayers
  • Tells us about his  book the lemonade life- a playbook for life and business
  • Explains the difference a lemon life and a lemonade life
  • Shares 5 switches that all great leaders have
  • Says we should remember who we are rather than focus on wins and losses
  • Talks about finding your life purpose (which can change over time)
  • Tells us about his Lunch with Warren Buffet and how that inspired him to write the lemonade life
  • Says everyone should have a chance to experience entrepreneurship
  • Offers advice for parents on preparing their kids for the future
  • Talks about a process he uses for risk/reward analysis
  • Emphatically states that everybody has a shot at greatness
  • And reminds us that this shot resets everyday (it’s never too late)

The audiobook version of The Lemonade Life has been listed as a must listen by Apple. I can see why. I think people from all walks of life will really enjoy this episode. Enjoy

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