Sashka Hanna Rappl is a Leadership Coach, Business Strategist,  Award-winning Performer, an International Speaker, and a Podcaster

She is also the author of Soul’d Out,Your Guide to Finding Your Life Purpose,The Meaning of your Dreams, and what they hold for your life and heart-centred business.

Sashka works with creative underdogs and helps them create and market a brand that is tailored to the entrepreneur rather than the profession. She is a self described visionary

with a gazillion ideas. After years of not seeing the trees for the woods, she dissected her life, dreams, and purpose to create the life she wanted with what she already had. Sashka doesn’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions and wants all of us to be the original person we were born to be. In this episode Sashka:

  • Says that when it comes to naysayers it’s all about the people in her head
  • Tells us that it doesn’t matter how much mindset work you’ve done if you don’t know who you are
  • Reminds us that from early young age most of us were asked the same question, what do you want to be when you grow up. This conditions us to base our identify around our profession. Sashka states emphatically that profession not our identify.
  • Tells us why sharing is not caring.
  • Explains how she found her purpose and shares a process anyone can use to do the same.
  • Says that our childhood dreams hold our innocence before it was tainted by societal expectations
  • Talks about the struggles she’s faced and argues that we can’t dream when we’re in survival mode
  • And so much more

This was a high energy talk with an articulate and passionate brand expert. Enjoy

You can reach Sashka at:


Please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I’d love to hear your thoughts, comments, and stories, or just make a connection.

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