Ron Klabunde is the Founder and CEO of Generosity Feeds – a national for-purpose organization that mobilizes thousands of volunteers in cities around America to address the local needs of hungry children through meal creation events. Generosity Feeds is igniting a movement of generosity. Since its inception in 2012, the organization has empowered more than 60,000 volunteers across America in 28 states and has created more than 3 million meals to help sustain more than 120,000 students. In this episode Ron:

  • Shares the mustard seed that was the starting point for Generosity Feeds
  • Says that when his vision is bigger than himself, he sometimes feels like a poser
  • Talks about the organic growth of an organization that shows its partner organizations how to create 10,000 meals in two hours
  • Explains how they have engaged the private sector in this vision and why it is a win-win opportunity
  • Stresses that children are dependents and there is no excuse for not feeding them
  • Talks about the process he uses to overcome fear
  • Reminds us that we need tension filled situations to innovate
  • Challenges all of us not to be too comfortable
  • Shares how he is helping senior executives move from success to significance, without quitting their job
  • And draws a direct line between the commitment to service and personal significance

Ron is an articulate impassioned leader. Enjoy

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