Travis Fox, is the CEO and Founder of CEO for Travis Fox, Inc., now Bigger Than Us, LLC and has degrees in both Psychology and Clinical Hypnotherapy. For the last 30 years, Travis has been training and teaching his proprietary Architect 360 methodology. Travis has performed his own personal brand of entertainment in over 6,500 performances around the world.

Travis is the “head” coach to several top professional players on the professional golf tours, as well as to those competing at the collegiate level. His Methodologies have also crossed over into his Coaching of professional football, College Basketball (division 1) and full contact fighting athletes.

In this episode Travis:

  • Explains that it’s the way we process trauma, fractures, and loss that counts
  • Talks about the moment he realized he had been pursuing his dad’s dream and not his own
  • Shares the two things that happen in the dark
  • Questions why we aren’t teaching our children how to use the spacesuit we are all born with
  • Asks who it is we feel we need to justify our decisions to
  • Shares his Architect 360 concept while stressing that manifesting alone is not enough
  • Scoffs at the suggestion that people have to go out and find their passion
  • Gives us advance notice of an exciting update on the Law of Attraction coming in January 2020
  • And explains why he is determined to use his spacesuit at warp speed and why you should as well

This is a high energy discussion that goes deep on living the life you want. Enjoy

You can reach Travis at:


Please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I’d love to hear your thoughts, comments, and stories, or just make a connection.

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