Malorie Nicole is an Entrepreneurial & Executive Coach, Mindset Expert, Speaker, and host of the Abundantly Clear Podcast.

When Malorie graduated from University of North Carolina she had her sights set on a career in Engineering. That changed when went Malories search for answers to her ongoing health struggles created a desire in her to help others. Friends and family were puzzled by Malories decision to start her own health coaching business, which then evolved into her being a Mindset coach for entrepreneurs and driven professionals. Malorie pushed past the criticism, one person told her she would be better off if she became a Yoga instructor, knowing that their criticism had nothing to do with her. The naysayers were simply projecting their own limiting beliefs onto anyone that dared to expect more from life.

These days Malorie has a thriving practice where  she helps entrepreneurs identify and remove mental barriers that are stopping them from creating the life they want.

In this episode Malorie:

  • Talked about the origin and evolution of her business
  • Confessed that while she had not been unhappy with her previous life, she couldn’t say she was happy
  • Tells us that she frequently hears from entrepreneurs with a ton of money who are still not satisfied with their life, and don’t know what it’s going to take for them to be happy
  • Calls out a Social media environment where people only talk about their successes and the impact this has on others
  • Concludes that we’re facing an epidemic of silent sufferers who don’t want to admit that they’re not happy
  • Reminds us that entrepreneurship comes from the mindset of the entrepreneur
  • And we both talked about the need for everyone to have a healthy relationship with money (what that means and how to attain it)

This is a high energy conversation with an articulate and up and coming mindset expert. Enjoy

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Podcast: Abundantly Clear Podcast

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