Travis is the Founder of NTSQ Sports Group and is an innovator in the endurance sports world. The thing that stands out about Travis is the clarity of his vision. This guy is a happy entrepreneur. Like many of us Travis’s path to entrepreneurship involved more than a few twists and turns.

The son of a triathlete, Travis competed in his first triathlon at the age of 8! Then moved on to Aussie rules football before competing in his first Ironman competition at the age of 20. Then in March of 2015, his life changed. He was riding his bike in Vancouver, came around a corner and was hit head on by a car. Travis suffered four fractured vertebrae in his neck, a dislocated hip, and fractured a few ribs and his scapula. In November of that same year Travis completed the New York Marathon, and in 2016 completed two ironman competitions.

With the injuries Travis knew that he could no longer compete at an elite level. He took a job working for Lululemon before launching his own business in 2018. Today Travis combines his love for endurance sports with his business. He organizes endurance events and also created  InnerVoice a brand that gives endurance athletes a new media platform to tell their true story.

Travis spoke about the gifts he found in his adversity and challenges us all to do what makes us happy. His life and entrepreneurial story is fascinating. Enjoy..

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Instagram: @travmckenzie

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