Kevin Palmieri  is a Peak Performance Coach and co-host of The Hyper Conscious Podcast where he interviews successful entrepreneurs, speakers, athletes and artists from around the globe. Through his podcast Kevin also gets to connect with people who are trying to change their mindset.

It’s a topic he’s passionate about because for Kevin changing his mindset wasn’t a choice. In his words it truly was a life or death decision. His purpose today is to be the person that he needed when he was at his lowest point. For Kevin that moment came at what would appear to be an unlikely time. From the outside looking in his life was great. He had a 6-figure income working as a construction foreman and lots of expensive toys. Things started to unravel when his girlfriend left him. Things spiralled out of control and reached a point where he thought about ending his own life. His decision to start the Hyper Conscious Podcast with his co host Alan Lazaros was the beginning of a remarkable turnaround.

In this episode Kevin:

  • Tells us how his focus on external things led him to the brink
  • Says he still wants nicer things but wants to get them differently
  • Reminds us that the biggest part of business is staying in business
  • Shares that he suffers from extreme anxiety and explains how he deals with it
  • States emphatically that he won’t fail his current girlfriend
  • Suggests that most people wait to long to pursue the side gig full time
  • Says that when you’re in the water you learn how to swim faster
  • Talks about growing up in a single parent home with no good male role models
  • Says that he’s always felt like an underdog
  •  And says you should never quit the journey but we should quit things that aren’t right for you

Kevin is on an amazing personal development journey. The wisdom he shares in this interview is high value.  Enjoy. 

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Please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I’d love to hear your thoughts, comments, and stories, or just make a connection.

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