Nathan Seaward’s childhood dream was to be a pilot. And then became one. Things fell into place for Nathan and who found himself at the top of his game flying Boeing 767’s around the Asia/Pacific. In a world where seniority rules, Nathan was set up for a long and successful career as a pilot. Then he did the unthinkable. After 16 years Nathan quit his job and became a personal coach and host of the Nathan Seaward Show. Unlike a lot of people Nathan did not hate his job. He enjoyed flying. He just felt that something was missing.

In this episode Nathan:

  • Says that he believes entrepreneurs can change the world whilst creating extraordinary lives for themselves and their families. Amen to that.
  • Argues that salary is what they pay you to give up on your dream.
  • Admits that he had a panic attack the week before he left his job (if he chose to go back to flying he would have to start at the bottom of the seniority list)
  • Tells us why he’s declared war on retirement
  • Asks what you’re going to be thinking about in the last 5 minutes of your life
  • Stresses the importance of being able to distinguish between true self and ego
  • Admits that he ran out of money, not once, but twice
  • Says that you’re not really locked into that job you no longer like. You just think you are
  • And much more…

For me this interview was a fascinating insight into the mind of someone who quit a job few people quit and now is on a mission to help others create the life they want. Enjoy…..

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