Anthony Trucks is a former NFL athlete for Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Washington Redskins, and the Pittsburgh Steelers. He was also an American Ninja Warrior on NBC where he became the first NFL athlete to hit a buzzer. Anthony’s been featured on 6 national TV brands, became a 7 Figure gym owner, and is now a 6 figure consultant, International keynote speaker, and a Best selling author.

Like many previous guests on this show, Anthony’s path to success has been anything but linear.

In this episode Anthony talked about growing up in foster care and hitting his absolute low in 2011. He had lost his career in the NFL, discovered that his wife was having an affair, and his business was failing. In his words “everything that made me me was stripped away.” He went out on a search for rat poison and sent a text to say goodbye. The Cops found him before he could act and brought him home. When Anthony arrived he found 40 people waiting for him. A friend told Anthony that he’d thrown up because he thought that he’d lost a hero. For Anthony that was a turning point. He went back to the gym and started sharing his feelings in gym classes.

Today Anthony uses his experiences to teach others about the importance of allowing their identity to be modified by life’s experiences, and shows them how to use it to springboard them to achieve bigger dreams and goals. He calls it the Identity Shift. Oh did I mention that Anthony’s High School Principal flat out told him that he would never make it. Proof positive that we should never let the opinions of others hold us back.  And here’s a last fun fact. This episode was recorded before the SuperBowl. As a lifelong Chiefs fan I asked Anthony who he was picking. Let’s just say we should have made a wager on the game! Enjoy

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