Amy Mohr is the Founder and CEO of All Elements Wellness where she helps individuals and organizations transform their relationship with themselves, one audience at a time.

She is a professionally trained meditation Instructor, wellness Consultant, and Psychotherapist. She is also a survivor of severe and long term childhood trauma. Amy was physically, mentally, and sexually abused by multiple family members for 18 years. Growing up in a tiny, remote community, Amy did not even know what child protection services were.

The first time she tried to run away, she fled to her Aunt in a nearby city. Her Aunt listened to her stories, and returned her to her “family.” At the age of 20 Amy walked away from that destructive world, and never went back.

Now 36, she is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and has a Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Pittsburgh.

Amy believes, and knows first hand, that it is truly through some of our greatest adversities that we can discover great strength within ourselves to overcome and walk toward the things that matter, while letting go of the things that don’t.

She found the good in her struggles in overcoming her childhood trauma (she calls it a gift) and has developed a deep understanding of human behavior, of what works (and what doesn’t). It as also helped her to deepen her ability to be present and attentive to herself and others, and to ultimately understand the differences between what enables systems (individuals, relationships, communities, and businesses) to be well as opposed to breeding dysfunction.

She has been a self-employed psychotherapist for 8 years  and utilizes innovative approaches to treat complex issues related to trauma, addictions, eating disorders and grief and loss. Her unique style blends complementary healing techniques with traditional psychotherapy modalities and is focused on attending to and treating the whole person: mind, body, emotions and spirit.

In this episode she explains how her personal experiences and her expertise in treating individual clients as a psychotherapist apply to doing work with businesses and restructuring company culture.

“Well, to put it simply, they aren’t much different. Yes, how businesses and employees operate outwardly may be different, but the internal mechanisms and drivers for individual behaviors in businesses are all the same. Your employees are driven by their thoughts, feelings, and urges (all internal processes). For instance, if we allow ourselves to be driven by fear in a personal relationship, we may withhold information that could be vital to the development and strength of that relationship. If an employee is driven by fear of his boss’ rejection of their proposal and withholds this information, the business could suffer from the innovation, creativity and potential benefit of the idea.

It is all about what energy (via our thoughts, feelings or urges) we allow to be drivers in our actions as individuals, employees, and businesses. A business entity itself could have unintentionally been founded on control, fear, greed, power…which inherently will perpetuate and construct those drivers in workplace culture, productivity, and service delivery if not deconstructed and addressed. Energies like fear, anger, greed, control, pride will only lead to destructive results on a small or larger scale, albeit they still are powerful forces. Managers driven by pride, fear and control to lead their subordinates will not produce constructive results. We know this. What we struggle with is how to deconstruct this negative and get to the root issues that are manifesting it, resolve those issues, and invite and implement constructive energies.

Energies like courage, compassion, neutrality, reasoning will lead to constructive results and there are ways we can learn to embody and act on these forces to support a functional workplace system. These concepts are supported by a variety of sources, one of which is in David Hawkin’s research in the book, “Power vs Force”.”

In her work with individuals, families and businesses, Amy is focused on identifying and addressing the root issues to problems, not just treating “symptoms”. There are many approaches and modalities that just treat symptoms and surface level issues. That’s not Amy’s style.

You can reach Amy:

LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/amylohr/

Website:  https://allelementswellness.com/contact/

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