Nika Moeini is the director of operations of the Gen Z Foundation, CEO and Founder of Moeini Marketing, CEO and Founder of the Positivity Boss,  a published author, and recently became the youngest ever Recipient of Canada’s Future Foreign Policy Makers.

At first glance this energetic young woman is doing a bit of everything. But there is a method to her “madness.” Nika likes to think of her work as focused on two kinds of impact: larger global impact and more individual level impact.

For global impact, she recently finished a term at Global Affairs Canada as a gender equality policy analyst. She also hosts the Seven Trillion dollar podcast, which focuses on innovative solutions to address the funding gap in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. In case you can’t guess, Nika doesn’t think small.

She is also the author of International Relations for young worldchangers, a book all about how youth can create careers in international affairs, the Ottawa lead with league of Innovators, a hootsuite backed charity that promotes entrepreneurship to young people 15-25. As the Founder of The Positivity Boss, Nika helps young entrepreneurs develop the right mindset for success by overcoming their limiting beliefs and rediscovering their sense of self worth. She does this through individual coaching and, yes, another podcast, called the Young & Ambitious Podcast. Her show features the personal growth journey’s of inspiring youth. In business she’s also a high ticket closer helping coaches and influencers close their high ticket packages on the phone, and a digital marketing strategist helping entrepreneurs generate leads on LinkedIn and YouTube.

I caught up with Nika a few months ago, although I have no idea how she had the time to speak with me!

You can reach Nika:

LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/moeini/

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