Emerald GreenForest has every reason in the world to hate men. Many would see it as a logical reaction from a woman, who for most of her life, has had toxic and abusive relationship experiences with men.

Her father was an alcoholic and abusive and a string of boyfriends and husbands were abusive. Two years ago this pattern even included her own son. He ended up in jail after locking Emerald in the basement and threatening to cut her up into little pieces when he was high on homeopathic nasal spray.

At the time Emerald’s was working as a coach and mentor for women seeking to create positive change in their lives. The episode with her son was the “final slap on the side of the head.”

She took some time to reflect and recover, and found a new calling. Intellectually she knew that not all men were bad. She also believed that men needed to step up and do more to create positive change, for themselves, and for society.

Thus was born Men on Purpose. As an executive coach, public speaker, and host of the Men on Purpose Podcast, Emerald has shared the stag, in person and online, with luminaries like John Assaraf a star in the blockbuster movie “The Secret” and NY Times Best Selling Authors like Sark and Marianne Williamson.

Emerald’s message to the men she works with is simple.

Men, let’s be clear.
You have the position.
You have the respect.
You have the influence.
You have the wealth.

You are called to be a vanguard, a leader in this creative age.

If you enjoy a bit of banter, you will love this episode. We get into topics that make some men uncomfortable. Trust me, Emerald doesn’t back down. Her challenge to us men is straightforward. Be impeccable in your behaviour towards women and you have no reason to worry.

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