Ali Mirza is the Founder and Digital Marketing Strategist at iSocialYou, a data driven social media agency based in Dallas, TX.

Originally from Pakistan, Ali moved to the United States shortly before 9/11. To make matters worse, his birthday is on 9/11. Let’s just say he had an interesting introduction to life in his new country.

After spending 10 years in corporate America, Ali noticed that having an awesome product or service was not enough. It’s actually the marketing that helps build engaging relationships with ideal customers. He also observed a change in marketing landscape with the shift towards digital and social channels.

Over the years Ali has worked with several mega brands like Chevy, AA, Lexmark, GE, Lennox, as well as many SMBs..

Today Ali works with several business clients and 1000s of students get results from his online courses.

Ali is also a marketing advisor for new startups in the Dallas area.

In this episode Ali  offers growth hacks for new entrepreneurs including:

  • How to filter out all the noise when choosing from online learning resources
  • The importance of learning from practitioners. People who are currently doing what you want to do
  • How to get paid to learn (before you start your own gig)
  • The importance of looking at the goals and challenges that are right in front of you (18-18:55 clip)
  • Tactics freelancers can use to get early clients
  • The importance of asking potential customers for money early on in the process
  • Why you should share your idea every chance you get
  • Don’t talk back when people are giving you feedback (just listen)
  • How joining existing FB groups can help you build an audience
  • How to deal with fear of failure

Contact Ali at:

Email: AliMirza81@gmail.com
Facebook: fb.com/alimirza
IG: instagram.com/alimirza2k

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I’d love to hear your thoughts, comments, and stories, or just make a connection.

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