“I’m more impressed with my grandfather than anyone else and the reason why is because when he was 13 years old in he was in a concentration camp in Auschwitz and he actually went into 18 concentration camps in total. He was on 3 death marches. Both of his parents were murdered. His siblings were murdered. He was shot and buried alive at one point and climbed out when it was safe. He was hung twice and sirens went off, false alarms, and he escaped. And when he was liberated finally at 18 years old, he literally had nothing. And when I say nothing I don’t mean low wifi or the battery died on his cell phone.”

Daniel’s grandfather went on become the owner of a successful hotel in Switzerland. He is remembered by the big smile he had when greeting guests. As Daniel put it, “and this was a man that had gone through hell.”

Daniel Gefen is the bestselling author of Self Help Addict,  a top rated podcast host with over 250,000 downloads, has interviewed over 100 influential leaders, including Billionaires, Bestselling Authors and World Class Athletes. He’s been featured in major publications including Forbes, INC and CIO and been a guest on over 50 podcasts.

In this episode Daniel:

  • Will challenge you to choose your hero’s carefully
  • Opens up about being bullied in high school
  • Takes on some big names that are pushing young people today to 10X everything
  • Talks about acceptance, and the perils of trying to impress people that don’t care about you
  • And We get into a lively discussion about what it means to have a “why” behind our actions

Daniel is a great storyteller. This is easy listening with profound ideas for you to contemplate.

Contact Daniel at www.danielgefen.com

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