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Ep 67 Education Must Change| Matt Cubbler - Screw the Naysayers

Growing up Matt Cubbler’s purpose was clear. His job was to protect his “mentally retarded” brother (that was the term in use at that time for a child with autism).

When Matt was 18 his brother died in a car accident. It was as if a part of Matt also died that day. He went on to serve his country with honor (he was highly decorated), in 2001, following 9/11 Matt was one of the select few who were selected to be an Air Marshall. Even the birth of his daughter did not save Matt. He knew he would protect and care for her, but he still felt broken.

After the birth of his son, his grandmother handed Matt a homemade quilt made from some of his brother’s clothes. She kept them for 13 years before deciding the time was right. On that day Matt began to rediscover his purpose.

That very night he went down into his office and wrote a 26,000 word book as a tribute to his brother. He published the book and donated proceeds to the special needs school his brother had attended. Bad knees and all he ran across the state (3 consecutive marathons) and raised another $25,000. He opened a fitness facility to work with people with neurological diseases. And now Matt has decided he knows how to change the mindset of an entire generation of children. Based upon his past track record I wouldn’t bet against him.

Contact Matt:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mattcubbler/

Website: www.mattcubbler.com  

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