Brian Breen sent in a wildcard application to run in the World Ironman Competition knowing that most people have to apply 10-15 times before they are accepted.

When he learned he had been entered in the competition he trained 25 hours a week for four months. Brian achieved his goal because he had a powerful cause. He wanted to shine the lite on Jon Blais, who the previous year completed the World Ironman event while struggling with ALS. A year later Jon was at the finish line, in a wheelchair, waiting to greet Brian. Catch the Youtube Clip here.

Brian is a Career Strategist and Mentor who has worked with hundreds, if not thousands of students. He uses his Ironman experience to explain the importance of attaching yourself to something important. When we do that, we win. Because we never quit. If what we’re chasing is attached to something monetary or tied to someone else’s expectations, when times get tough, most people quit.

This episode is full of advice for anyone questioning their direction in life. He challenges us all to look for the things in life that fill our souls, and to commit ourselves to moving forward. Always forward.

Brian knew he wanted to teach, but he didn’t want to teach math or history. He wanted to share with young people tools and knowledge they can use to take control of their own career path.

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