When was the last time you left a facilitated workshop so pumped that you couldn’t wait to action the things you learned?

That should be the goal of any facilitator or teacher. So why is it that so few deliver this outcome.

John Hawley is the Founder and Corporate Facilitator at JWH Enterprise LLC. He’s also active U.S. Navy, a graduate of the Nuclear Power School, and is currently Fast Learning Advisor and Co-Creator of the illuminate Thinkshop Series.

John is in a unique position. He co-developed the illuminate Thinkshop series while on sick leave recovering from appendicitis. At the time he had already handed in his papers to transition out of the Navy. Instead he was asked to stay on to teach his workshop, and also given permission to launch his own business. (To be clear everything John says in this episode is his personal view and not related to his service).

In this episode shares:

  • Why fun and trust come first in teaching and facilitation
  • The need to focus on personal nature of your room
  • What it was like going thru nuke school and the things he learned about teaching
  • Explains that in real life you don’t solve everything yourself…why is it that way in school?
  • Why teachers facilitators have to expose vulnerabilities make it ok for everyone
  • Common pitfalls for facilitators
  • Why you must always make sure expectations are set in advance
  • That facilitators must always be open to learning better ways, and
  • Why facilitators have to love what they do
  • Anyone that delivers workshops or training, or that is passionate about the need to improve public education will benefit from this discussion.

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