Rob Howze dreams of winning a Grammy and receiving the Nobel Peace Prize in the same year.

The only person who has done that in the same year is Martin Luther King.

A big dream for a boy who grew up in the hood. In his youth he was shot, saw a cousin die from a gunshot wound to the head, and drifted onto the wrong side of the law.

Then he told himself that this can’t be it, there had to be more to life.

His first business (a moving company) failed mostly because he hired all his friends and paid them too much ($10 an hour in the 90’s was a big deal).

In 2008 he started World Wide Community a non-profit youth organization that allows children to experience sports, athletic and academic challenges in a positive and empowering environment

In 2010 his vision expanded to include an internet TV/Program reality show called Camp Fit. And in 2019 he co-launched Experts ON Stage, a platform the connects content producers, speakers, and coaching professionals that focus on self-development.

In this episode Rob:

  • Talks about his childhood experiences and the impact they had on his life
  • Stresses the importance of teaching our kids how to understand and handle their emotions
  • Tells us how he got Campt Fit onto Direct TV making it available to more than 200 million homes around the globe
  • Explains his mission to create 1 Billion Healthy Wealthy Human Beings
  • Tells us how Experts of Stage is based on his core belief that we all need other.
  • And explains why he thinks ROKU will become the Netflix’s of OTT (Over the Top TV used by cable cutters)

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Experts on Stage:

Camp Fit:

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