In what universe can a person consistently miss deadlines without facing serious ramifications?

This was the first question that popped into my head when Jolene Stillinger opened up about the way kids are being educated today.

Could it really be true that 16 year old students are in a system where there is no expectation to meet deadlines? Students can wait until the very last day of class and hand in assignments and still get credit for them.

In moments like this I really start to question if our public education system can be saved. Flash forward ten years and 50% of those students will be working in the gig economy. That means getting out there, getting your own work, doing quality work, and meeting deadlines. This is not some kind of optional skill.

When are we going to realize that our children base most of their decisions on the things they see us doing? Not the words or information we try to stuff in their head at school.

Full credit to Jolene for going deep and openly sharing her experiences as a mother and as a successful entrepreneur. She has two kids, one in High School and a 3 year old.

In her words Jolene had build her own support system. Her mother, and even her best friend doubted her ability to take a non-traditional route and to start a business. Thankfully Jolene believed otherwise.

Today she is a successful entrepreneur who has built a 7 figure business. She owns and operates FEEDFOXX a full service digital marketing agency, and is also the founder, producer and host of WiseChaseTV, which is an entrepreneurial video magazine and podcast.

In this episode we go deep on the challenges of being a mother with a daughter in HS and the changes she’s seen in the school system. Things like no homework, no study skills, and no deadlines. And she’s honest is talking about the challenges she faces in balancing her business career with her role as a mother.

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