Some people complain. Anthony Delgado gets on with solving problems.

He’s a serial entrepreneur whose latest venture has big goals. He wants Puerto Rico to become the Hong Kong of the Caribbean. His mission began in the aftermath of the hurricane damage in Puerto Rico. Anthony wanted to do something to help. His friends told him to send a donation or mail a letter to the Governor. Anthony bought a 1-way ticket to Peurto Rico and hopped on a plane.

The biggest problem was power. Being a tech guy Anthony looks at all the sunshine, and with the help of friends back home he gave away 300 solar panels with batteries. The next biggest problem was the damage to tourism, where a huge number of people had lost their jobs.

Anthony’s answer? Take advantage of the warm weather to host a major tech event. Then he decided to start a coding school in Peurto Rico that combines education with travel.

Anthony Delgado is the CEO and Co-Founder of Disrupt Digital, a full-service digital agency servicing SMB clients around the world. Disrupt is a technology innovation firm that specializes in using coding and technology to change the world.

He is also the Chairman of Disrupt University, an alternative education company that offers various coding bootcamps and online learning programs that educate underserved communities around the globe including Puerto Rico. He is also a member of the Forbes Technology Council and a writer for the online magazines technology topics.

In this episode he:

  • Explains how the worst tuna fish sandwich of his life led to something special
  • Shares his reactions in seeing the damage to Puerto Rico
  • Reminds us that children are our seeds…the leaders of our future
  • Takes us through the launch of his company and shares how his  thought process evolved
  • Tells us to stop complaining. There has never been a better time to be an entrepreneur

You can contact Anthony at:

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