Ed Andrew is the CEO and Founder of the Human Consultancy, an International Guest Speaker, Career and Life Coach, and host of the Ed Andrew Podcast.

Over his career, Ed has helped more than 10,000 professionals manage their careers in 35 locations around the world. He’s also an experienced entrepreneur who has built, owned, and operated businesses in London, Sydney, and Delhi.

In this episode we dig deep into the challenges facing millennials in the transition to the workforce. He also has no time for millennial bashing. “It’s not their fault that they are the generation that will see the greatest impact on the workforce and that they are the generation pushing hard against the norms”.

For me, the greatest value in this episode can be found in practical tips Ed provides for living a more intentional life. He encourages all of us to “unpackage the fear” that has been drilled into us an adopt a mindset that is focused on getting the things that will make us happy. He talks about the importance of at least 60 minutes a day of “self-mode time” (solitude, no earphones, silence), and shares scientific insights into the healing that can take place in nature. He even takes on Gary Vanyerchuck, and in particular the idea that people should use their twenties to gather experiences, and figure things out later.

Stay with this episode. It takes me a while to hit my stride with the right questions, but when I do Ed shares a series of real gems.

You can reach Ed at www.thehumanconsultancy.com and tune in to his podcast, The Ed Andrew Podcast at all the usual places!

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