Not that many years ago, Tofe Evans came close to ending his own life. Today he is a best selling author, an international speaker, and in his words, a boundary pusher. Tofe’s boundaries, when it comes to endurance, are what many of us would consider to impossibilities.

You see Tofe runs ultra marathons (100k) and the most recent also included almost 6,000 steps. He doesn’t compete to win. He competes to see how far he can push himself. He does it to learn things about human resilience (in this episode he talks about
a system he’s developed called “Practical Resilience).”

Tofe also opens up about his challenges with mental health, his lifelong journey for knowledge (you can tell this guy is a voracious reader), and tells us about his best selling book, “Everyone Has a Plan Until Shit Hits the Fan.” We talk about the importance of mindset, why you need to embrace adversity, and how gratitude will change your definition of reality.

Interesting, fascinating, inspiring…that is Tofe Evans.

You can reach Tofe at He’s also very active on LinkedIn and looking to make human connections.

Anyone looking for a world class motivational speaker should get in touch with Tofe.

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