This episode is part of a new mini-series on Screw the Naysayers that features returning guests who focus specifically on providing practical advice and tips to help us navigate challenging times and position ourselves for future success.

Jeremy Ryan Slate is the Creator and Host of the Create Your Own Life Podcast. He has conducted more than 600 interviews with Billionaires, Founders, CEO’s, Professional Athletes and Celebrities, and his show has been downloaded over 1 M times.

Jeremy has been featured in Forbes (3x), INC (4x), CIO Magazine, Influencive, Buzzfeed and New Theory Magazine  and been featured as a guest on 200+ Podcasts, like EOFire & Conscious Millionaire.

Jeremy is also the co-founder of Command Your Brand, an organization that uses the Power of Podcasting to help business leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals, founders and CEO’s share their story to connect with their audience and become leaders in their niche.

He is also one of the most genuine human beings I’ve ever gotten to know, and a guy who has played a big role in the success I’ve had with Screw the Naysayers. Jeremy was my guest way back on Episode 26!

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You can contact Jeremy on social media @jeremyryanslate

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