Chantel Soumis is a Brand Soceress, Differently-Abled Advocate, and LinkedinLocal Host who is obsessed with marketing. Her average day is far from vanilla and includes: mastering personal brands, managing numerous projects with partners, and participating in professional speaking opportunities at events across the nation.

She is a wife, mother, owner of two large dogs, and easily one of the most cheerful individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure to speak with. What makes this so remarkable are the ongoing health challenges Chantel faces. Three months after the birth of her son, and at a time when she was the family breadwinner, Chantel was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. The stress of the diagnosis lead to the temporary loss of sight in both eyes, much reduced hearing, and a stint in hospital. In this episode, Chantel talks about hitting rock bottom and the journey that has allowed her to embrace the attitude of gratitude.

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