Dave Lukas is one smart entrepreneur. He’s also a best selling author, investor, master collaborator, and the Founder and Host of The Misfit Entrepreneur podcast.

Dave is a true student of human behaviour and declares himself to be a huge proponent of understanding the conditioning of your mind, and how that conditioning impacts you. As a father, Dave says that he is constantly aware that everything he does is conditioning his daughter.

This episode is jam packed with practical advice for entrepreneurs and wannabe entrepreneurs. He points out that the concept of a job is a relatively new thing, and insists that everyone has an innate ability to be an entrepreneur.

He explains why everyone should start with a minimum viable product, why changes in technology are making it much easier to start a successful business, and offers practical advice for those of you that are struggling to find an idea for a business.

And that’s just in the first half of the interview!

Dave also offers a candid assessment of some big changes that are almost here. He feels certain that the future will be all about the gig economy (the end of jobs is a real thing). And like others I’ve spoken to, Dave predicts that the days of a $100,000 education will come to an end, faster than a lot of people think.

There’s something for everyone in this interview. Enjoy.

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