Lindsay Hadley is the Founder and CEO of Hadley Impact Consulting as is one of the most sought-after consultants and producers in the nonprofit sector. Early in her career, Lindsay facilitated humanitarian projects in Kenya, Peru, Mexico, and Thailand.

Lindsay has produced events such as The End of Polio Concert in Perth, Australia, and the Global Citizen Festival in Central Park, 3 years running, which featured some the world’s biggest music acts, Hollywood actors, and countless world leaders.

In 2013 Lindsay founded Hadley Impact Consulting where she and her team have partnered with local startups and international foundations to brainstorm the best ways to magnify impact, building on others’ big ideas and incubating our own.

Lindsay continues to demonstrate her exceptional fundraising skills, raising more than $35M+ directly for her clients and has leveraged $Billions for causes through her campaigns and events.

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