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Guest Info - Screw the Naysayers

screw the naysayers by joining us on the podcast, every monday, wednesday and Friday.


About the Show

The Screw the Naysayers Podcast began in May 2018. In the first year I interviewed 125 Global Experts on topics like Marketing, Innovation, Virtual Reality, Human Resources, and The Future of Work.

I’ve spoken with Entrepreneurs that have bootstrapped and scaled businesses to 7 digits. Leaders, innovators and educators from all around the globe. Six Continents, 11 different countries. People like David Meltzer, Shay Rowbottom, and Seth Godin (you may have heard of him).

In 2019 I am publishing 3 episodes per week (every M,W,F).

Podcast Purpose

Empower listeners to shatter self limiting beliefs and understand that change is always possible.

How We Do It

I amplify the voices of entrepreneurs, authors, and visionaries who:

  • Work to serve others
  • Challenge conventional wisdom
  • Are crazy passionate about what they do
  • Have overcome great adversity
  • Have created one or more successful businesses from scratch

Conversation Style

1 icebreaker and then no set questions
40-45 minutes
Audio only

About Me

My main claim to fame is that I walked away from a 6 figure job in Canada and moved to a tiny fishing village 30 years ago. The naysayers laughed when I said I was starting an educational software company. They stopped laughing when sales passed $10 million.

I am also the author of Screw the Naysayers…They Suck Anyways, which became an Amazon Best Seller in Children’s Books- Careers. It’s aimed squarely at teens and young adults.


What You Can Expect From Me

Interview Prep

I spend several hours preparing for each interview. I review your social media posts (original content), read published articles. If you have a book and send me a pdf or kindle version I will read it prior to the interview.

The show is recorded using Zencastr. Before the show I will send you a link to join the show.

Before the interview I will ask you if there is anything special you would like to discuss.


An interview on my show is evergreen. All episodes (including mini-clips) are promoted on LinkedIn (my main Social Media Home), Instagram and FB.
All episodes are available on all of the usual podcast platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Stitcher, Overcast, and others.

I convert all the audio files to mp4 format and post on YouTube

I create short promotional videos (using an audio clip from your episode). These videos are posted on all my Social Media Channels (I’m most active on LinkedIn. I also post the promo’s on Instagram and FB).

I respond to all comments about the episode on Social Media

I provide you with a link to a google drive file where you can download

  • The Cover Page for your Episode (jpg file)
  • The video promo clip(s)
  • Links for all my social media accounts

I regularly engage with LinkedIn content posted by my guests. In the next year I will interview more than 200 fellow entrepreneurs, podcast hosts, authors and thought leaders. You will become part of the Screw the Naysayers Alumni.
If there is someone in my LinkedIn contact list who you would like to be introduced to, just let me know.
SEO Search and Your Contact Information

Your name will be included in the episode link to maximize SEO opportunities for you

All of your social media contact information is mentioned on air

All of your social media links are included on the episode page

I write a detailed description for each episode to maximize SEO opportunities

I forward any contact/information requests about you.


What I Expect From You

The Interview

Please ensure you are in a quiet location
You need to be using a laptop or desktop computer with Google Chrome (other browsers sometimes work but should be tested prior to the show)
You must use either earbuds or a headset and external mic (this is required to ensure high quality sound)

Bonus Points that earn you much love:

  • Take a moment to post a review for the Screw the Naysayers
  • Podcast on iTunes (this is a big part of the iTunes algorithm)
  • Subscribe to the Podcast
  • Comment and engage on Social Media Posts for other episodes on the show (remember, we’re all trying to build a community together)
  • Introduce me to contacts that you think would be great guests for the show
  • Encourage your community to follow me on LinkedIn and other social media channels

“I had the privilege of being a guest on a show that I hope will be aired to the entire world. In a world of fake news, Screw The Naysayers is the place to be to listen to encouraging, truthful, and effective actionable content. Tim isn’t just a talker. He’s built a multi million dollar company and is walking the walk!”

– Mark Metry, Host of Top 100 Humans 2.0 Podcast

Interested in being a guest? Get in touch.

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