There will never be a perfect time to take that leap and to live your dream. I get it. I’ve been there. But now with over 30 plus entrepreneurial years behind me and four successful businesses, I say you have to take that jump.

Making change happen and creating the business and life you dream of takes courage. But ask yourself this. What will your life be like if you don’t do it? Will anything change in your life? Is this way you want to live the rest of your life? 

Late in life no one ever regrets the chances they took to get the things they want. The world is full of people who regret giving up on their dream without even trying.

There are only two reasons why people settle. Lack of clarity or fear of failure. Here are five things for you to consider if you know the life you want but something is holding you back.

Tune Out The Whitenoise: 

There always have been and always will be naysayers. They’re not new. Maybe your internal voice is the naysayer? Steven Pressfield refers to this demon as “resistance.” I use stronger language. Maybe it’s your family? Maybe it’s your friends or a colleague? Or maybe it’s just a bunch of uniformed dickheads.

It’s your life. You can allow fear to determine your future actions or you step outside of your comfort zone and pursue the life you want. It’s your choice. 

Geography Is Not An Excuse

Thirty years ago when I started an educational software company in a fishing village in Nova Scotia, Canada people looked at me like I had 6 heads. I attracted a lot of attention because I was a fish out of water. That’s not the case anymore. Since I started my Screw the Naysayers Podcast I’ve spoken with entrepreneurs in 6 continents. Some are based in large urban centres, others like me work out of rural communities, and some work out of a suitcase doing business wherever they are. Markets used to be defined by geography. That hasn’t been the case for a long time now. 

Beware of the Success Trap

Don’t let your current successes get in your way. Life does not have to be about compromises. We’ve been trained to believe that we can have the lifestyle we want or a great career, but not both. It’s all a load of bull. Those golden handcuffs that keep you locked in place exist only in your mind. 

If You Don’t Know How…Learn

That excuse died years ago. With a laptop, google, and a little effort you can learn how to do anything. I was terrified when I started my podcast. The first few times I looked at YouTube videos on how to record, edit, and publish a podcast my head was spinning. I learned. In the beginning I had to get some help. As I come up on 200 episodes I no longer do it all myself anymore. But I can. And you can too.  

The Company You Keep Matters

Every successful entrepreneur I’ve ever spoken to always stresses the importance of the company you keep. Surround yourself with people who:

  • Believe in you
  • Are direct and honest
  • Want to see you succeed
  • Have done what you want to do
  • Share your values 

They’ll never be a risk free business. There just won’t. They’ll be bills to pay, kids to feed, partners to support and the list goes on.

I had this when I set up my businesses. Lesley Eccles (Episode 177) had the same when she first founded FanDual, a company that hit a $1 billion valuation. And Larry Brougton (Episode 166)  had this when he founded Broughton Hotels (the largest private hotel chain in California). 

Does this resonate with you? Are you held back by fear of failure and self-limiting beliefs? Hit me up on my website and set up a time to chat.

If you haven’t heard of my podcast yet, it’s a collection of real and raw stories from an eclectic mix of Thought Leaders, Entrepreneurs, WSJ and NYT Best Selling Authors, and a wide range of women and men who have overcome great adversity by finding the gift in their challenges. 

Check out the Screw the Naysayers Podcast anywhere you listen to podcasts or catch the Blog summaries here.  



Tim Alison

Tim Alison

Business Mentor, Harvard Speaker, Magnify You Facilitator, Author x 3, Podcast Host at Screw the Naysayers

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